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You will find that banking in Cairns city is fairly easy. Modern day technology makes banking even more easier than it already is and can be done without leaving the house or hotel with telephone accounts and internet banking increasing everyday. International visitors wanting to open a bank must have their passport and open the account within six weeks of arrival before the points rule comes into place. Finding banks in Cairns couldn't be easier as all the main banks are situated in the same area and are all five minute walks between the banks.


All major Aussie banks have residence in Cairns and offer top class services for their local customers and new customers local or international. If you open your account in Cairns after six weeks of being in the country a one hundred point document presentation is needed, your passport and birth certificate are 70 points each, a driver's license is ranked at 40 points and 20 points are awarded for student, credit or I.D cards. Banks that have residence in Cairns are Westpac, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth, ANZ and St George. All have 26 branches combined so not finding a bank isn't an option. All have separate ATMs that will take any international cards and nearly all international networks such as Cirrus, Plus or STAR international ATM mark or the Interlink or Maestro POS mark. Travellers should contact their bank at home for information on availability and service charges. The most commonly accepted credit cards in Cairns are American Express, Bankcard, Carte Blanche, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and BarclayCard. ATMs will charge you $5 AUS dollars for using their ATMs if you are not a customer at their bank or your card isn't a partner of that bank, there are yellow boxes on the ATMs that will show you what cards they will charge you only $2 dollars and what cards there are not linked with, which will then cost you $5 dollars and a fee taken from you off your own bank at home. The banks in Cairns can exchange your travellers cheques for you as will exchange shops at Cairns international airport as the Cairns banks will charge you a fee for the pleasure of cashing your travellers cheques, the exchange shops at the airport won't but they do sell phone cards and travel insurance. The airports foreign exchange shops are located in both Arrivals and Departure areas. There is only a select few exchange facilities in the city American express foreign exchange and Global money exchange operate in Cairns, your passport will be needed to cash travellers cheques.


To locate these exchange shops they are directly in the centre of Cairns, exact address's, phone numbers and the exchange rate in Cairns are below:-
American Express Foreign Exchange Global Money Exchange
69 Lake Street 69 Abbott Street
+61 1300 139 060 +61 7 4031 7272
• A$ 1.00 = C$ 1.01 € 0.71 NZ$ 1.37 £ 0.62 US$ 1.00 R 6.97
As banks require international visitors that want to open an account to make an appointment and bring documents for I.D luckily Cairns city banks are all close together. You must either go to the bank personally with your documents to set up your account or ring up before hand to make an appointment, banks details are below.
Westpac Commonwealth Bank
63 Lake Street 76 Lake Street
+61 13 20 32 +61 13 22 21
15 Lake Street 21 Grafton Street
+61 13 22 65 +61 13 13 14
St George
19 Aplin Street
+61 7 4031 9734
• ATMs usually dispense money in two lot's double check for money before leaving the machine.
• Use ATMs that are affiliated with your home bank it will save you $3 dollars every transaction.
• Cairns only has a couple of foreign exchange shops in the city centre,so cash your traveller's cheques at the airport, banks will charge you.

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