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Cairns restaurants rank among the best in Australia. With an impressive variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafoods & meats available Cairns restaurants produce food of exceptional quality. Seafood is featured predominantly in many restaurants due to the availability of great fresh produce.

Cairns restaurants


Cairns is also able to attract world-renowned chefs due to the lifestyle opportunities it presents. You are unlikely to go hungry in Cairns with well over 180 restaurants to choose from. If your choice is Thai, Indian, Seafood or a Steakhouse you will be bound to find something to suit your taste and budget from casual cafes, pub meals to restaurants in five star resorts. There is an abundance of restaurants on the waterfront along the Esplanade, The Pier Marketplace and throughout the CBD area. Most restaurants open for lunch & dinner seven days a week.

Dress standards for restaurants in Cairns is casual. Jackets are never required. Some restaurants are licensed which means that they serve alcohol. If a restaurant is unlicensed it will probably be a BYO or bring your own alcohol. BYO restaurants are common, most will charge a small corkage fee. Some restaurants are both licensed and BYO. These restaurants usually only allow you to bring wine and will almost certainly charge for corkage. It is still usually worthwhile bringing your own.

There are some great lunch & dinner tours operating in and around Cairns. Just click the links below to read about them, check the prices and book.

Cairns restaurants

Adelfa Greek Taverna
Grafton Street, Cairns (07 4041 1500)

Cafe China
The Reef Hotel Casino Complex, Cairns (07 4041 2828)

Paradise Village Shopping Centre, Palm Cove (07 4055 3058)

Sushi Express
79 - 87 Abbott Street, (07 4041 4388)

62 Shields Street, (07 4031 7993)

Far Horizons
Angsana Resort, Palm Cove (07 4055 3000)

Hanuman Cairns
Hilton Hotel, Cairns (07 4052 6786)

Meccah Bah
8/1 Marlin Parade, Cairns (07 4051 3737)

Ochre Restaurant
43 Shields Street, Cairns (07 4051 0100)

Piccolo Cucina
92a Lake Street, Cairns (07 4051 5137

Reef House Restaurant
99 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove (07 4055 3633)

Salt House
6/2 Pierpoint Road, Cairns (07 4041 7733)

Wharf Street, Cairns (07 4030 8897)

Vivo Bar and Grill
49 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove (07 4059 0944)


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